Blog About Jesus Christ Fun And Sense Of Humour

28 September 2021
We Need To Learn From God's Sense Of Humour And Fun
If we fear God more than people, which we of course should, we should know more and more about God's sense of humour. God want us to have fun in a proper way. We may laugh stupidly or nervously for the wrong reasons and strange motives; but, God will show us what's really fun and what is divine humour.

28 September 2021
Getting A Sense Of What Divine Humour Can Be 
Fearing God is not to be afraid of God but having a deep sense of respect and gratitude that he is a loving God. When we are confident and watchful that this is what we feel for our God and live on a daily basis, we are not afraid of our Creator's, Saviour's, and Helper's sense of humour and fun.

28 September 2021
Laughing And Following Jesus Christ 
When we realise that we understand more and more about God's nature, we also realise and come to discover that God knows how to laugh.